Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yatri Sangh to Rajasthan

December 29, 2010

 Sri Kantilal Mookim, ex secretary, Tulapatti Jain temple, Kolkata took a Yatri Sangh to pilgrimage centers of Rajasthan. Sri Kantilal Mookim is a prominent member of Johari sath. He is on Yatra on the eve of his 50th marriage anniversary. The Yatri Sangh reached Jaipur via train, and halted overnight. They had started from Jaipur to Malpura and stayed there for a day. Sri Jain Shwetambar Khartar Gachchh Sangh felicited them in Malpura Dadabadi.

The Yatri Sangh leaved Malpura and visited several other Dadabadi including Ajmer and Bilada and other Jain pilgrimage centers such as Ranakpur, New Pawapuri, Mount Abu, Jaisalmer. They are staying at Brahmasar Dadabadi tonight and will start for Phalodi tomorrow. They will catch train from Jodhpur tomorrow to Kolkata.

Many prominent personalities of Johari Sath e.g. Sri Vimal Mehamwal, President, Tulapatti Jain temple, Kolkata; Sri Ashok Mukim, Sri Pradip Kothari etc are traveling with in the Sangh. Several other people joined the Sangh from Jaipur.

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