Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mahavira Swami Jain Temple in Kolkata

Sri Mahavira Swami

Sri Mahavira Swami Jain temple was established in 1868, just after one year of erection of famous Parasnath Glass temple in a near vicinity. Sukhlal Johari of Johari Sath community established this beautiful temple with huge court yard at 27, Badridas Temple street, Kolkata. The temple is situated beside Dadabadi. The temple is mainly built with ceramic tyles in British style. A large sized bell is placed in the temple depicting Portuguese style.

There are three "Gambhara"s in the temple. Mahavira Swami is the main diety in Mulagambhara. Six more idols of Jain Tirthankara are also well placed there. Tirthankar Adinath or Rshabhadev is the Mulanayaka of the Gambhara situated at right side of the Mulagambhara. Gautam Swami and Parshwa Padmavati idols are also erected there with some other Tirthankar idols. A recently built Gambhara (Left side) is dedicated to Dadaguru Deva.
Smt. Putul Kothari W/o Samarendrapat Kothari (Great grand daughter of Sukhlal Johari) and her sons Birendra Kothari, Pradip Kothari, Rajkumar Kothari and Rajesh Kothari are managing the temple.

Shaharwali and Johari Sath
Photo Gallery: Kolkata Jain Dadabadi
Chandaprabhu Temple
Mahavir Swami Temple
Rai Badridas Bahadur Mukim

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  1. This is the temple with biggest courtyard in the temple colony of Badridas temple street. Most of the Pujas are conducted in this temple in North Kolkata.
    Jyoti Kothari

  2. Jyoti,
    Very good description with photo and video. Mahavir Swami idol is superb.

    Thanks for good posts about Johari Sath.

    Sunil Jargad

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