Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim

Badridas (Born 1832), son of Kalkadas Sindhar, a young Jeweler was migrated from Lucknow to Kolkata along with her mother Khushal Devi at around 1850. Badridas was a tallented, skilled, creative and hard working Jeweler. He established his Gems and Jewelry business in Kolkata and soon fortune bestowed upon him.

He established his own business house and title of Rai Bahadoor conferred upon him. He named his firm Rai Badridas Bahadoor and sons. He was appointed as Court Jewellers to the Viceroy and Governor General of British India and title of Mookim was conferred upon him. He built a beautiful Kothi at Harrison Road and started residing there. His kothi of Harrison road was featured in "Glimpses of Bengal" published in 1905.

Once he purchased a plot near Dadabadi in Maniktalla region and wanted to build a farm house there. Inspired by his mother he gave up the idea of building farm house and built a temple there. He himself designed the temple and and build it in the best possible way (1867). This is now famous as Parasnath Temple. Sri Shitalnath, 10th Jain Tirthankar is the main diety in the temple. He also built Parasnath Toonk on the highest peak of Parasnath hills and Adinath temple in Purimatal (Allahabad).

Rai Badridas was instrumental to bring many other Shrimal Jain Jewelers to Kolkata. Johari Sath community came into existence mainly because of him.

He was the founder President of Bengal National Chamber of Commerce, the first ever National Chamber of Commerce in India. He also founded Dharam Kanta and Panjrapole society in Kolkata.

He left the earth in 1917 leaving his two sons Rai Kumar Singh and RajKumar Singh Mookim (Title of Court Jewelers also conferred upon them) behind him.

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